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To our valued customers in the Pittsburgh, PA. area.
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To current and future customers of Humat 4-way hydrant valves, we at Humat want to give you
some food for thought on the subject of "suction" hose .  It has come to our attention that engine
companies that use a 4-way hydrant valve (any brand) may be using hose that is of smaller diameter
than the steamer connection on the hydrant. An example is 4" hose on a 4 1/2" or larger steamer.  This
will  definitely  limit the maximum amount of water an engine can get from the hydrant.  This
arrangement will be made worse if this hose is a 50' section or something more than say a 20' section.  
Most departments have an SOP on the minimum inlet pressure allowed but if you have a long small
diameter "suction" hose you will not be able to approach that inlet minimum  at the valve/hose
connection because of collapsing hose. Hard suction hose is generally not used on hydrants anymore
so 5" or 6" soft sleeve of 10' length  would be close to ideal but a "short" section of  5" with Storz
couplings would work well also. Just remember to use the largest hose available for your valve to
engine inlet line. We will be glad to discuss fire ground water supply with you on line or by phone.

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Food for thought: Progressive Fire Departments are using
an evolution called a "Blitz Attack". A blitz attack is one that
attack to put a lot of water on the fire quickly. One way to
make this work well on a large well involved fire is to use your
man power and water to best vantage. A good blitz can
easily run out of water before being effective.

  If you are in a rural area without hydrants, you'll have to
make do with what you carry onboard and have the next
engine develop a source of water for sustained fire fighting.

In urban settings, hydrants on municipal water systems can
lead to an unending supply of water. Here in lies a debate.
How do you use your minimal manpower most effectively?
Naturally, we at Humat believe in the use of our 4way hydrant
valve but we also know each fire department has its own fire
ground operational plans. We also know every fire is different
and the fire ground commander has many things to consider
during his or her initial size up.                          

These may include:
  "how long before the next company is on the scene"?  and

   "does the first in engine lay in"?

   If you have "smoke showing", we recommend having the
first engine go in for size up and rescue and have the 2nd
engine deploy the Humat and lay in with the 3rd engine to
pump the line thru the Humat at the hydrant.  

   Now if you don't have 3 engines enroute, that's another
whole "ball game" with new decisions. The first in officer or
commander may want a line from the hydrant even if it means
a minimum water flow. That line will take time to lay but may
make the difference between making a good stop and having
a public relations nightmare.

In reality, these decisions depend on a lot of factors not the
least of which is the
        Life hazard.
        Time of day,
        Neighborhood traffic
        Building construction
        Level of manpower and total available resources add   

We wish you luck with these decisions and if we at Humat
can assist you with any of them, feel free to call us or reach us

My name is Hurley Matthews and I am Vice President of
Humat and one of the patent holders of the Humat valve.
Humat has a limited number of refurbished valves
available for sale .
Contact us at: or
1-800-638-2079 for pricing specials.